Meet the Team

We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


Orthodontic Assistant

As an assistant, Cory’s responsibilities include patient care, sterilization, and lab work. With on-the-job training, Cory has gained extensive knowledge and skills to provide excellent support to our patients.

Cory’s favorite part of the job is witnessing the transformation of more challenging cases and seeing the positive reactions of patients. The satisfaction of achieving successful outcomes brings immense joy.

Outside of work, Cory is married with one adult daughter and shares their home with two dogs and two cats. Cory enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and going to the beach. Attending concerts is another passion. Additionally, Cory finds pleasure in cooking and baking, indulging in culinary creativity.



Orthodontic Assistant

Our orthodontic assistant Jessica’s primary responsibilities involve providing intraoral assistance to patients, and ensuring their comfort during appointments. In addition, Jessica handles scanner IT issues, decorates the office, and manages the ordering of scrubs to maintain a polished and coordinated appearance for our team.

Building relationships with patients is Jessica’s favorite part of her job. She finds great fulfillment in the connections she forms with patients, to ensure they receive the best possible treatment.

Jessica is married to her high-school sweetheart Travis. They are both proud graduates of Chesterton High School, class of 2002. Their beautiful daughter, Annabella, brings joy to their lives. Jessica enjoys watching Annabella play softball and spending time together in their pool during the summer.

The family also includes two beloved Goldendoodles, Zoey and Rudy, and two cats, Georgie and Candy cat. Being at home and cherishing their time together is a priority for Jessica. To unwind and maintain her well-being, she enjoys going for walks and listening to music.



Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Linda is a certified orthodontic assistant and serves as our inventory manager, which makes her an indispensable member of our team. Her multifaceted role involves assisting Dr. Hurst with patient treatment and education while overseeing the maintenance of office and clinical inventory. In addition, Linda takes care of the office’s fish tank and bird feeding area, which add a touch of nature to our environment.

One of Linda’s favorite aspects of her job is the hands-on nature of orthodontic assisting. She finds fulfillment in working directly with patients, both assisting the doctor and providing one-on-one care.

Linda has been happily married to her husband Denny since 1997. They have three children and three grandchildren who bring joy to their lives. Their family also includes a Blue Heeler dog named Mack, three cats (Jack, Bobby, and WillowMina), and four chickens.

Linda enjoys various outdoor activities such as gardening, canning, fishing, and beekeeping. Their property is certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, showcasing their commitment to environmental stewardship. Linda takes delight in hosting family get-togethers and cherishes moments spent with their children and grandchildren.



Certified Orthodontic Assistant

As an orthodontic assistant and lab technician, Debbie takes care of assisting Dr. Hurst with patient treatment, educating patients, manufacturing retainers and aligners, and managing the coordination and shipping of appliances to offsite labs. She also takes the initiative to reach out to prospective patients and assist them in setting up appointments.

One of Debbie’s favorite parts of her job is witnessing the remarkable transformations that occur throughout the treatment process. Seeing the before-and-after results brings immense satisfaction, and building working relationships with patients and their families is deeply rewarding to her.

When she’s not at work, Debbie cherishes spending time with her three adult daughters. Her beloved dog, Maisie, accompanies her on daily walks, keeping them both active. Debbie’s love for travel occupies her downtime, as she enjoys working or planning her next adventure.



Orthodontic Assistant

As a certified orthodontic assistant and radiology-certified professional, Brandy plays a crucial role in assisting Dr. Hurst with various orthodontic procedures. Her responsibilities include putting on braces, changing wires, prepping for bonding of retainers, taking X-rays, and loading digital photos into our computer system. Also, Brandy takes charge of managing our social media presence, to ensure that our practice stays connected with our patients and the community.

Brandy’s favorite part of her job is witnessing the growth and transformation of our patients throughout the years. She takes great joy in seeing how their new smiles boost their confidence and positively impact their lives.

Outside of work, Brandy cherishes her role as an aunt to her two amazing nephews and three incredible nieces. She enjoys activities like going for walks, hiking, and watching movies on lazy days. Brandy is a devoted music enthusiast and finds solace in listening to various genres, with a particular affinity for music from the 60s, excluding country.



Orthodontic Assistant

As the safety coordinator, Crystal’s responsibilities include overseeing safety protocols, managing OSHA compliance, conducting CPR and emergency training, and assisting as an orthodontic assistant when needed. While her primary focus is on safety protocols, she continues to assist with orthodontic procedures and emergency appointments.

One of Crystal’s favorite aspects of working in orthodontics is getting to know the children and witnessing their incredible transformations. Over the course of their treatment, she observes their growth and maturity, culminating in the beautiful smiles they leave with.

Crystal shares her life with her husband Vic and their son Christian. Their furry family members include Oliver, a Corgi/Bassett mix, and Grady Von Growlstein, a young Bulldog. Crystal keeps busy driving her son to various activities, but when she finds free time, she enjoys putting on her airpods and going for long walks along the trails in Chesterton and The Dunes. As a family, they love traveling and exploring new places.



Insurance Coordinator

As an insurance coordinator, Chris is responsible for checking and confirming all insurance benefits, scheduling appointments, and handling patient correspondence. With a background as a dental assistant, office manager, new office development, and regional manager, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Interacting with patients and their families is Chris’s favorite part of the job. Building relationships and getting to know each individual is a rewarding experience. Working alongside Dr. Hurst and the rest of the team is a joy for Chris.

On a personal note, Chris has been happily married to John since 1985. They have two children, Andrew and Sarah, and are soon expecting another grandchild. Chris’s two Dachshunds, Hank and Harley, add joy to their household. Being avid travelers, Chris and John love experiencing different cultures. As self-proclaimed foodies, they enjoy cooking together. Chris maintains an active lifestyle with daily exercise and shares a love for sports.



Office Manager

Sandy, our office manager, has been an integral part of our team since 1999, bringing extensive experience in the dental field. Her multifaceted role encompasses various responsibilities such as treatment coordinator, front desk tasks, patient accounts management, marketing, social media, and scheduling.

One of Sandy’s favorite aspects of her job is her genuine enjoyment of interacting with our patients and their parents. She finds it fun to chat with them and appreciates the variety that each day brings. Even after 24 years at our practice, Sandy continues to find excitement and new experiences in her work.

Sandy is a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. She graduated from Boone Grove High School in 1986 and went on to earn her BA in history from Purdue University in 1994. Apart from her dedication to her work, Sandy has a diverse range of interests and hobbies. She loves supporting the Boilermakers and the Chicago Blackhawks. Sandy enjoys spending time reading, gardening, solving crypto-quote puzzles, painting, trivia, baking, and crocheting, and cherishes her Chevy Trax “Stormy.” Above all, Sandy treasures the moments spent with her family and friends.



Orthodontic Assistant

As orthodontic assistant, Lisa brings extensive experience in the dental field since beginning in 1992. Her role involves working directly with patients, performing tasks such as changing wires, taking X-rays, keeping records, and providing hygiene instructions. Lisa is X-ray certified and has cross-training experience in front desk operations in general dentistry.

Since 1992, Lisa has been dedicated to the field of orthodontics, utilizing her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. Her favorite part of the job is witnessing the transformation and joy that comes with improving patients’ smiles. The ability to contribute to a life-changing experience is immensely fulfilling to her.

Lisa is married to her husband Dan, and together, they have four beautiful daughters. Their family also includes two labs: one silver and one chocolate. Lisa enjoys music, sports, spending time outdoors, and relaxing at the beach.

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